Caribbean Karate Club EKKA


To be eligible to select you have to attend selection 

Competition Dates

1st March : East of England Open (Northgate Sports Centre 10am)

5th April :Eastern Counties (Northgate Sports Centre 10am)

31st May : EKKA Nationals (Northgate Sports Centre 10am)

20th September : EKKA Karate Challenge (Northgate Sports Centre 10am)

25th October : EKKA Invitational Championship (Northgate Sports Centre 10am)

29th November : EKKA East Anglian Champs (Northgate Sports Centre 10am)

Referee Course dates

1st March : EKKA Course #1 (Northgate Sports Centre 8:30am - 10am)

5th April EKKA Course #2 (Northgate Sports Centre 8:30am - 10am)

20th September EKKA Course #3 (Northgate Sports Centre 8:30am - 10am)

25th October : EKKA Course #4 (Northgate Sports Centre 8:30am - 10am)

Kata Course Dates

22nd March : EKKA Course #1 (Blackwell Academy 2pm - 4pm)

7th June : EKKA Course #2 (Blackwell Academy 2pm - 4pm)

11th October EKKA Course #3 (Blackwell Academy 2pm - 4pm)

Technical Course Dates

2nd February : EKKA Course #1 (Blackwell Academy 2pm - 4pm)

24th May EKKA Course #2 (Blackwell Academy 2pm - 4pm)

6th Dec EKKA Course #3  (Blackwell Academy 2pm - 4pm)

Blackbelt Grading Dates

5th April : EKKA Grading #1 (Blackwell Academy 5pm start)

2nd August : EKKA Grading #2 (Blackwell Academy 5pm start)

13th December : EKKA Grading #3 (Blackwell Academy 2:30pm start)

Summer Camp 1st—2nd August 2020

Please note dates maybe subject to change